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the top gold IRA companies

Best Gold IRA Companies Reviews | Investing In Your Retirement

When it comes to protecting your hard-earned money and investments, you can never be too careful. With political and economic uncertainty seemingly always on the horizon, ensuring your nest egg is well-protected is more critical than ever.

And one of the best ways to do that is to invest in gold through a Gold IRA.

But with so many gold IRA companies in the market, how do you know which one is right for you? That's where we come in. We've reviewed and rated many different precious metals investment companies in order to find the best ones for customer service, minimum investment, fees, buyback programs, and policies. And from that research, we've compiled a list of our 7 best gold IRA companies available today to help you to protect and grow your retirement account.

So if you're looking for a way to secure your family's future, look no further than our list of the best Precious Metal IRAs companies. You won't be disappointed.

Augusta Precious Metals Review

Company Overview

If exceptional and lifetime customer support is essential to you when it comes to choosing a reputable Gold IRA company, then Augusta Precious Metals is the one to consider.

Augusta Precious Metals is known for its outstanding customer service; consultants are there to help guide your investments and provide the best possible service. Their dedication knows no bounds because their staff is always ready for anything that might come our way- be it market fluctuations or natural disasters!

In fact, when someone asks if this firm offers long-term investing services? The answer should pretty much sum up everything about them: "Augusta Precious Metals does."

Augusta Precious Metals was established in Casper by CEO Isaac Nuriani in 2012. Its mission is to help every customer to achieve their financial and retirement goals. Hence, they provide webinars to familiarize investors with everything that comes with investing in Gold and Silver IRAs.

Get a Free Gold IRA Guide from Augusta Precious Metals here. And you can also join their one-on-one webinar to ask more detailed questions.

Exceptional Customer Service and Reviews

Since the day Augusta Precious Metals is in business, it had has ZERO complaints on file at Better Business Bureau (BBB). It's rated A+ from BBB Reviews and a triple-A from Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).

Tons of positive reviews across other sites. Many customers claimed that Augusta Precious Metals has the most knowledgeable and experienced IRA specialists and are delighted about their customer services. With them, you can add the most suitable gold coins or silver coins into your retirement account.

Ease of Process

Augusta Precious Metals has streamlined the setup process, making it quick and easy. You can call their toll-free number or fill out an online form, and one of their representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

Pre-selected Gold IRA Custodian Services and Storage

Augusta has pre-selected their number one preferred Self-Directed Gold IRA custodian - Equity Trust. However, suppose you have your own chosen custodian, as long as it's in the IRS-approved nonbank trustees and custodians list. In that case, Augusta can assist you in liaising with your gold IRA providers.

Augusta chose Delaware Depository as the storage facility for its customers, as Delaware Depository is one of the best secured private depositories in the U.S.

Augusta Precious Metals Fees

Opening an account with Augusta Precious Metals comes with a few costs and fees. Your personal IRA consultant will advise you on the fees. Here's what you can expect:

  • Minimum investment of Gold IRA - $50,000
  • Gold IRA account, one-time setup fee: $50
  • Annual IRA custodian fee: $100 
  • Annual storage fee: $100
  • Shipping fee: Free
  • Transaction fee: 5% on both gold and silver; read more from the Transaction Agreement here 

No Hidden costs made us like Augusta Precious Metals more!

Account Lifetime Support

Augusta is committed to offering continual support to customers who purchase gold & silver from them. They provide a long-term resource to help investors to diversify their savings for years to come.

Customers have the full rights to access their highly knowledgeable specialists in the gold and silver space as their personal resources.

Competitive Buyback Service

Although Augusta Precious Metals makes no Buy-back guarantee, due to the prohibition of the law, they always honor the buy-back from their customers. You can check with the representative to get more accurate information for your case.

Augusta Precious Metals Special Offers and Promotions

August offers three tiers of benefits to its new customers.

Bronze Club: new customer who invest between $50,000 - $150,000

  • One-time setup fee: $50
  • Annual IRA custodian fee: $100
  • Storage fee: $100/year
  • Free first money transfer, subsequent transfer fee: $35
  • Free online statements

Silver Club: new customer who invest between $150,000 - $500,000

  • One-time setup fee: Free (reimbursed)
  • Three years IRA fees: Free (reimbursed annually)
  • Three years storage fees: Free (reimbursed annually)
  • Three transfer fees: Free (reimbursed)
  • Free online statements

Gold Club: new customer who invest between $500,000 - $1,000,000

  • One-time setup fee: Free (reimbursed)
  • Five years IRA fees: Free (reimbursed annually)
  • Five years storage fees: Free (reimbursed annually)
  • Five transfer fees: Free (reimbursed)
  • Free online statements

They also offer the opportunity for investors to have all their fees paid for the next ten years, which is available to people who enter their Millionaires Club by investing over 1 million in precious metals.

We consider Augusta Precious Metals is the best Gold IRA company of 2022. And we believe they will definitely help you with you to save guard your savings and maximize returns for your retirement portfolio.

GoldCo Review

#2 Goldco Review – Best Reputation

Company Overview

Goldco Precious Metals is one of the best gold IRA companies in the United States for several good reasons. They're a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating, and they have an impressive track record in helping their clients invest in gold, silver, and other precious metals such as platinum and palladium.

It was founded in 2006 by Trevor Gerszt. Goldco is the leader and most reputable gold IRA company in the precious metal IRAs space, offering investors an opportunity to diversify their portfolios with gold and other asset classes.

Besides precious metal IRAs, Goldco also launched CoinIRA, their Bitcoin IRA division. It aims to help Americans protect their retirement savings and grow long-term wealth with precious metals so they can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to retirement and not worry about how much money will last as you age.

To help you get started, Goldco provides a comprehensive FREE Gold IRA Kit.

Excellent Customer Service & Great Reviews

We rated Goldco as the best gold IRA company with the best reputation. Goldco is known for providing excellent customer service and receiving great reviews.

Our research shows that many customers appreciate the company's responsive and well-trained customer service team and its willingness to work with them to resolve any issues. Goldco also regularly receives high marks for its customer service in independent surveys.

Simple Account Setup

Goldco account setup is fast and easy. Goldco makes it simple to open an account, and it offers a free consultation to help you choose the best investment options for your needs.

The process of setting up a Goldco account is straightforward. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit Goldco's website and click the "Open an Account" button.
  2. Fill out the online form with your personal and contact information.
  3. Choose your account type and funding method.
  4. Review and submit your application.
  5. Goldco will review your application and contact you to finalize the account opening process.

Trusted Storage and Custodian Services

Goldco works as a single point of contact for customers, though it does offer custodian and storage services. However, Goldco will coordinate customers' purchases and complete all paperwork with a vetted custodial and IRS-approved storage facility.

Goldco Costs and Fees

Goldco has a variety of costs and fees associated with its services. Your personal Goldco consultant will give you the exact fees based on your case. Here is a breakdown of some of the most common charges for your reference/

  • Minimum Investment for Silver or Gold IRA: $25,000
  • Gold IRA Accounts Setup Fee: $50 (one time)
  • Gold IRA Annual Fee: $175 to $225 (more than $100,000)
  • Gold IRA Storage Fee (per year): $100-$150 depending on the depository, segregated or non-segregated
  • Custodian Fee - depends on the custodian company, between $75 - $200 per year. 

Full Range of Approved Precious Metal Products

Goldco offers a wide range of IRS-approved precious metals, almost every precious metal product. Whether it's gold bars or silver coins, they've got what every one needs! Their experienced IRA specialist will guide you through adding the suitable ones into your gold retirement account.

Highest Buy-back Price Guaranteed

Goldco commits to offering the highest buy-back prices in the industry, guaranteed. When you sell your precious metals to Goldco, you can rest assured that you're getting the best possible price.

Goldco Special Offers and Promotions

Goldco offers a variety of special promotions and discounts for their valued customers. Check back often to see what new offers are available!

Current Goldco Special Offers:

- Free first-year fees when opening a $50k+ account

- 5% worth of free metals for orders over $50,000 (qualified precious metals)

- For every $25k investment, you get reimbursed one year of storage fee.

Regal Assets Review God IRA companies

Company Overview

Regal Assets is a well-established company that helps people invest in gold, other precious metals, and cryptocurrencies to protect their assets during uncertain times. Tyler Gallagher founded regal Assets in Los Angeles in 2009.

Regal Assets offers a good range of products and services, including gold, silver, other precious metals, and Regal IRA (Gold IRA & Crypto IRA). And they also provide advice on setting up an IRA account, a precious metals IRA account that allows investors to acquiring precious metals and cryptos.

Regal Assets has become a premier gold IRA company in recent years, not just by investing their clients' money into precious metals but also by managing crypto IRA accounts.

One thing to highlight here, Regal Assets only sells IRS-approved gold bullion and silver coins. So you won't invest in the wrong products because Regal doesn't offer IRA-ineligible products like collectors coins or novelty items; you won't have to pay tax for those eligible gold or silver you bought without knowing. Therefore you can invest with Regal Assets with confidence.

Good Customer Service and Reviews

Overall, customers have a great experience with Regal Assets; we can see many positive reviews about the company. Despite there are a few negative reviews just popped up online.

We reviewed all the available reviews online and spoke to several Regal Asset customers; they are delighted with the customer service and support from Regal Assets.

Many customers recommended Regal Assets; because their IRA consultants are knowledgeable and patient and walk through the entire process with their customers step-by-step.

We still consider Regal Assets is one of the best gold investment companies in the market.

Fast Account Opening 

It's effortless to open an IRA account with Regal assets. Simply fill up the form online to get started (roll over and transfer from an existing retirement account such as 401k, TSP, or SEP). Upon receiving your information, Regal's IRA specialist will begin working with your existing custodian and prepare all the paperwork for you.

After you sign all the paperwork, your Regal IRA account will be set up within 24 business hours. Your IRA specialist will keep you informed every step of the process, so you'll be aware of where you are in the process.

Trusted Custodian & International Secured Storage

CNB Custody is the preferred custodian for Regal Assets. Thanks to its good reputation, expertise in the area of precious metal IRA, and excellent customer services. Regal Assets can also work directly with your own preferred custodian to complete the steps.

Regals Assets partners with Brink's Global Services (BGS) as its secured depository. BGS is an IRS-approved depository for IRA assets; customers with a precious metals IRA can choose the storage facility in Los Angeles, New York City, or Salt Lake City based on the custodian of your IRA.


Regal RA DMCC is a subsidiary of Regal Assets Inc., which was founded in 2016. It's the first company that got a Crypto trading license in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. And for the first time, crypto investors can store their cryptocurrencies in physical forms - deep cold storage in the most secure facility in Alms Tower, Dubai, together with physical gold.

The technology developed by Regal Assets to trade cryptos is considered the most secure way to trade. The first risk in trading cryptos is hacking; many well-known crypto exchanges and online wallets have been hacked and drained their tokens. Hence, this technology makes trading cryptos much more secure.

Top Rated Crypto IRA Company in the US

Regal Assets has become the first company in this industry to receive a crypto trading license, and they offer all major cryptocurrencies as part of an investment account. If you're looking for more options beyond what's listed on their website, though, feel free to reach out, as they have more to offer!

Regal Assets Costs & Fees

You should check with your personal Regal IRA specialist for the exact fees. Here are some standard charges for your reference:

  • Minimum purchase of Gold IRA: $10,000
  • Gold IRA Accounts Setup Fee: $0
  • Gold IRA Annual Fee: $100
  • Annual Storage Fee: $150 (Brink's Global Services)
  • Rollover/transfer fees: $0

Regal Buy-back Policy

Our study found that Regal Assets' buy-back program is considered one of the most generous. Some Gold IRA companies offer better prices for your precious metals. However, after deducting all the applicable fees, what is left is pretty pathetic.

Consult your Regal IRA specialist about the buy-back program and get all the fees in writing while comparing it with the other best gold IRA companies on our list.

Regal Assets Promotions

New customers do not need to pay Regal fees for the first year.

Request Your FREE Gold IRA Kit + Bonus Here

Noble Gold Review

Company Overview

Noble Gold Group is one of the top gold IRA investment companies in the precious metals industry. Collin Plume and Charles Thorngren founded Noble Gold in Florida in 2016. Charles left the company in 2022; Collin continues as the CEO.

Noble Gold offers a wide range of gold IRA products and services, including gold IRA rollovers, 401(k) to gold IRAs, and gold IRA transfers. Noble Gold also offers a variety of gold coins and bars for investment.

Nobel Gold has a good reputation in the gold IRA industry. Unlike other well-established Gold IRA companies in our pick, Nobel has fewer reviews, but most of them are positive reviews across the internet.

You can get a FREE Guide to Gold IRA Investing here to have a better overall of the company, product & services they offer.

High-standard Customer Service & Great Reviews

Noble Gold is a company that takes customer service very seriously. From the moment you contact them, you will be treated with the utmost respect. The Noble Gold team will take the time to listen to your needs and help you find the best solution for your situation. You will never feel the selling pressure, no pushy salesperson, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands with them.

Fast Account Setup

Noble Gold offers a straightforward account setup process that is ideal for first-time investors. And it provides all the necessary forms and instructions online to start your investment quickly and easily. Once your account is set up, you can begin funding it with Noble Gold's gold IRA rollover service. They make it easy to invest in Gold and silver and provide a variety of options for storage and delivery.

Top-notch Security and Proof of Purchase

Noble Gold takes the security of customers' precious metals exceptionally seriously. And it is the first and only Gold IRA company that stores Gold in Texas.

As we all know that Texas has the absolute advantage because Texas made its own laws and was not subject to the laws of the United States. Hence, this makes it the perfect location for a depository.

The team will also provide their gold IRA investors a photographic proof of their purchase once they are placed in the depository without any extra cost.

Noble Gold Fees

Noble Gold has a variety of costs and fees associated with its services. Your personal IRA consultant will give you the exact fees accordingly. Here are some most common charges for your reference:

  • Minimum purchase of Gold IRA: $2,000
  • Gold IRA Accounts Setup Fee: Free
  • Gold IRA Annual Fee: $80
  • Annual Storage Fee: $150 ( Texas, Delaware, Canada - Mississauga, ON) 

Noble's No-qualms Buyback Program

No one said life was easy. And unfortunately for many of us, it isn't possible to get everything we want in this lifetime - especially if you're working with a limited budget!

Noble's no-qualms buy-back program can help put your needs first so that when changes do occur on the horizon, they'll be met without question or hesitation. The company believes its customers are more important than financial gain.

Special Offers 

They offer special promotions periodically; when you request your it's FREE Gold IRA investing kit, you can check with the representative for more details on the current offers.

Birch Gold Review

#5 Birch Gold Group Review - Best For Gold IRAs

Company Overview

As anyone who has watched the stock market over the last few years can attest, investing can be risky. Hence, more and more people are turning to precious metals to safeguard their hard-earned money. And when it comes to investing in precious metals, Birch Gold Group is one of the top in the business.

Founded in 2003 by Laith Alsarraf, Birch Gold has built a reputation for being a reliable and well-respected source for IRA-approved gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion products. The company's headquarters is in Burbank, California, and offers a wide variety of precious metal products, perfect for investors of all levels of experience.

Since partnering with political commentator Ben Shapiro and medical doctor Ron Paul, Birch Gold has been thrust into the international spotlight. Birch Gold has a strong track record of providing quality products and excellent customer service. And it is one of the recommended precious metals IRA companies of 2022.

In addition, their partnership with Ben Shapiro speaks to their integrity and commitment to honest, unbiased information about precious metals investing. If you're considering adding physical gold or silver to your IRA or your 401(k), we believe that Birch Gold Group is worth considering.

Excellent Reviews and Customer Service 

Birch Gold Group offers a wide range of IRA-approved gold, silver, and other precious metals, including platinum, and palladium. And their team of gold market experts is passionate about helping investors diversify their portfolios with physical precious metals.

But Birch Gold Group isn't just about gold IRAs. They also offer a variety of other investment products and services, including gold IRA rollover, 401k rollovers and direct purchase of bullion and numismatic coins.

But what really sets Birch Gold apart is its commitment to education. They offer numerous resources - including articles, videos, and podcasts - that provide essential information on precious metals ownership, taxation, and storage.

Their market investment news section also includes up-to-date information on precious metals prices and trends. As a result, Birch Gold Group is a one-stop shop for everything related to precious metals investing. And that's why we believe they're one of the best Gold IRA companies in the industry.

Additionally, Birch Gold's customer service is great, with knowledgeable representatives available to answer questions and help customers through every process step; and reviewers highly rate their customer service team.

Simple Account Opening 

Getting started with Birch Gold Group is easy to follow. Regardless if you want to roll over your existing retirement account to a Gold IRA or you plan to invest with cash, give a Birch Precious Metals Specialist a call or request an investment kit here; they will assist you with every step based on your needs and goals.

Vetted Custodian & Secured Storage

Like other best Gold IRA companies, Birch Gold Group can work with any of your preferred Gold IRA custodians. However, Equity Trust and STRATA are the ones Birch Gold Group has been working with the most.

Birch Gold Group works with most of the highly secure & IRA-approved depositories, such as Brinks Global Service, Delaware Depository, or other International Depository Services.

Birch Gold Group Costs & Fees

You should check with your personal Birch Gold IRA specialist for the exact fees. Here are some standard charges for your reference:

  • Minimum Investment Gold or Silver IRA : $10,000
  • Gold IRA Account Setup Fee: $50
  • Gold IRA Annual Fee: $100
  • Annual Storage Fee: $100

Birch Gold Group Buy-back Program

The good news is that Birch Gold doesn't charge you any fees when selling your precious metals back. As we always recommend checking with your Birch Precious Metals specialist about the details of the buy-back program when you are planning to open the account

Birch Gold Group Promotions

Currently, Birch Gold Group is having the below promotions:

  • Invest more than $50,000 on all IRAs with no fees for the first year
  • Metals purchase over $10,000, shipping will be free
advantage gold - top gold ira companies

#6 Advantage Gold Review – Best For First-Time Investors

Company Overview

The leader in Precious Metals IRAs, Advantage Gold has grown from a small company to one of the most successful gold IRA company within its industry through hard work and dedication. They have been around since 2014 by Adam Baratta and Ziril Kagalsky.

Advantage Gold is always at or near number one of the best precious metals IRA provider to work with when transferring and rolling over existing IRA accounts to precious metals IRA accounts.

Many people love how efficient this IRA company's customer service team has become over a few years. We are sure you would be happy knowing someone is competent to take care of your financial needs while ensuring everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Advantage Gold is known as the best gold IRA company in this industry. Thanks to its dedicated team, who is always there to meet every client's needs - from first-time investors to high-net-worth individuals.

In addition, their dedication to educating the public about IRAs and all aspects of precious metals investment has made them a favorite among investors for years. They believe that an informed investor has a better chance at success than one who does not understand how these investments work. Hence, they strive for excellence in this area by providing information on IRAs and other investment tips.

Excellent Reviews and Customer Service 

Advantage Gold has outstanding ratings from all reputable sites, such as BBB, BCA, Trustlink, Trustpilot, and more.

Advantage Gold prides itself on assisting novice investors. And they are committed to providing exceptional customer service to every customer. Experienced IRA specialist will walk you through the entire process of investing in precious metals IRA, from account set up to choosing the type of products to fund your IRA account and purchase the products.

You don't have to worry if you don't know exactly where you should start; with Advantage Gold, you will be well taken care of!

Simple Account Opening 

Opening an account with Advantage Gold is extremely simple. You can quickly sign up with STRATA Trust Company or Equity Trust Company through the direct link on its website.

When you click on the link for your preferred IRA custodian, you are asked to go through an Adobe Sign document for the application. If you are uncertain about which one to go ahead with, you can call Advantage Gold; their IRA consultant will guide you through the entire process.

Trusted Custodian & Highly Secured Storage

Advantage Gold work with two well-known and reputable IRA custodians: STRATA Trust Company and Equity Trust Company. Both companies have been in business for years with good reviews.

The company would recommend either one as your IRA account custodian; however, Advantage Gold can work with your preferred gold IRA services provider if you don't wish to work with the two companies mentioned above.

Like most gold IRA companies, Advantage Gold partners with IRS-approved depositories such as Brink's Global Services and Delaware Depository.

Advantage Gold Costs & Fees

You should check with your personal Advantage Gold IRA specialist for the exact fees. Here are some standard fees for your reference:

  • Minimum Investment: $10,000
  • IRA Rollover Minimum: $25,000
  • IRA Account Setup Fee: $50
  • IRA Annual Fee: $95 - $225
  • Annual Storage Fee: $150 (Brink's Global Services)

Advantage Gold Buy-back Policy

It will take less than 24 hours to get your money back when you wish to sell any metals you bought from Advantage Gold. Upon receiving your submission, they will lock the price, move the metals away from your vault, and wire you the funds immediately.

Advantage Gold Promotions

  • When new customers invest $50,000 and more, all fees for the first years will be waived.
  • Free Gold IRA Guide
  • Exclusive Gift - The most valuable financial book written by New York Times Bestseller is Jim Rickards for Free ($26.00 value)
Bullionvault - best gold ira companies

Company Overview

BullionVault is a pioneering online investment platform that allows individuals to buy, hold, and trade gold and silver bullion securely, cost-effectively, and transparently. It was founded in 2005 by Paul Tustain, who recognized the need for a more efficient way to buy and sell precious metals. Paul saw the potential for using cutting-edge technology to make the gold market more accessible to individual investors.

The company is headquartered in London and has offices in New York, Zurich, and Singapore. BullionVault is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the U.K. and is a member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). In addition, the company holds gold bars worth over $2 billion in vaults located in London, New York, Zurich, and Singapore.

One of the main selling points of BullionVault is its low fees. The company charges a 0.5% commission on trades, BullionVault accounts are free of charge, and there are no annual or inactivity fees.

BullionVault offers a convenient and cost-effective way for investors to buy, sell, and store gold. The company allows customers to buy gold bullion online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Gold prices are updated every minute, and orders are settled instantly. BullionVault also offers storage at all of its vault locations. Storage fees are low, and clients can withdraw their gold anytime.

In addition, BullionVault offers a variety of features that make it an attractive choice for investors.

For example, the platform provides real-time price charts and an "order board" that shows all current buy and sell orders. Overall, BullionVault is an excellent option for investors looking for a reliable and affordable way to trade gold and silver.

Excellent Reviews and Customer Service 

BullionVault reviews praise the company's customer service as responsive and helpful. One reviewer writes, "I had some questions about how the process worked, and they were very patient in explaining it to me." Other reviewers echo this sentiment, stating that the customer service representatives are "friendly" and "professional." 

In addition to offering excellent customer service, BullionVault is also praised for its low fees, fast transactions, and user-friendly platform.

One reviewer describes the site as "easy to navigate," while another says it is "simple and straightforward." Overall, BullionVault seems to be a popular choice for those looking for a reliable and user-friendly gold investment platform.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): N/A
  • Business Consumer Alliance (BCA): AAA
  • Trustpilot: 4.6/5 based on 2,090 reviews
  • TrustLink: N/A 
  • BirdEye/Google Review: N/A
  • Consumer Affairs: N/A

Fast Account Opening 

Opening a BullionVault account is quick and easy. You can do it all online, and you don't need much money to start. To buy and hold gold in our self-directed IRA account, follow the steps below.

  1. Decide on the gold IRA custodian you want to work with; DYOR is critical. BullionVault recommended MidAtlantic IRA, LLC, and New Direction Trust Company.
  2. Open an IRA account with your preferred IRA custodian, and they will guide you on how to fund the account via transfer or rollover, or contribution.
  3. Inform your IRA custodian that you want to buy bullion from BullionVault; then, they will open an account with BullionVault, send you the login details and transfer the funds into your BullionVault account.
  4. You can now purchase precious metals through BullionVault secure website according to your investment goals.

Secured Storage

When it comes to storing your gold and silver, you want to be confident that your investment is safe. BullionVault offers secure storage in vaults in London, New York, Toronto, and Zurich.

Your precious metals are fully insured and independently audited, so you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands. On the website, you can view their holdings 24/7 and withdraw or sell their bullion anytime.

In addition, BullionVault offers the option to take physical delivery of your metals, so you can always have access to your investment. With BullionVault, you can be confident that your gold and silver are safe and sound.

BullionVault Costs & Fees

BullionVault has listed all its costs and fees on its website. You must check with your chosen precious metals IRA custodian for account opening and administrative fees. Here are the standard charges from BullionVault for your reference:

  • Minimum purchase: N/A
  • Account Setup Fee: $0
  • Commission: 0.5% 
  • Annual Storage Fee: 0.12% -0.48%, minimums apply 

BullionVault Promotions

When you buy gold, silver, platinum, or palladium from BullionVault, you'll get a risk-free 1/8 oz silver (4g).

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold IRAs

Type of Gold IRAs?

Traditional IRA Accounts

  • Good for you if: you don't have a retirement plan at work or need the tax deduction for your contributions then a traditional IRA is a good option.
  • Contribution limit: contribute up to $6,000 per year (or $7,000 if you're 50+) as of 2022.
  • Tax treatment: allows you to contribute to traditional IRA pre-tax dollars, which lowers your current taxable income. The money grows tax-deferred, meaning you don't pay taxes on the earnings until you withdraw the money from your retirement account later.

Roth IRA

  • Good for you if: you meet the income limits and want tax-free retirement income.
  • Contribution limit: contribute up to $6,000 per year (or $7,000 if you're 50+) as of 2022.
  • Tax treatment: you contribute to a Roth IRA post-tax, so you can't deduct contributions from your taxes, but you don't have to pay taxes on the earnings when you withdraw the money in retirement.

SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) IRA

  • Good for you if: you are a business owner and want to offer your employees a retirement plan, freelancers, and self-employed individuals.
  • Contribution limit: self-employed individuals can contribute up to 25% of their net earnings, up to $61,000 as of 2022.
  • Tax treatment: contributions are tax-deductible.

Should I get a Gold IRA?

Gold IRAs are a great option to buy and hold physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium in your retirement account and protect your savings and grow your retirement portfolio. Consider the below when deciding if a Gold IRA is right for you:

  1. Diversify your portfolio: A Gold IRA can help diversify your portfolio and protect your retirement savings from market volatility.
  2. Hedge against inflation: Gold is an excellent hedge against inflation because it tends to go up in value when the cost of living increases.
  3. Tax benefits: Gold IRAs offer tax benefits that other investment accounts don't.
  4. Peace of mind: Knowing that your retirement savings are diversified and protected can give you peace of mind.

If you're considering opening a Gold IRA account, you should check out the seven best gold IRA companies here.

How to move a 401k to a precious metals IRA without penalty?

401(k)s are a popular retirement savings plan, but they have some drawbacks. For example, you may be limited in the investment options available, and there might be penalties if you withdraw funds before retirement age.

Precious metals IRAs offer an alternative retirement savings plan that allows you to hold precious metal assets in your retirement account and can provide more flexibility and potentially better returns. And, if you follow the proper procedures below, you can roll over your 401(k) into a precious metals IRA without incurring any penalties.

Here's how to move a 401k to a precious metal IRA

  1. Choose a trusted precious metals IRA company. Be sure to select a reputable and experienced firm that meets all the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  2. Open a self-directed IRA with the chosen custodian. This type of IRA gives you more control over your investment choices, including precious metal assets.
  3. Arrange to have your 401(k) funds transferred directly from your current plan administrator to the custodian of your self-directed IRA. And this can be done through a process known as a direct rollover or 401(k) to IRA transfer.
  4. Once the funds are in your IRA, you can then invest in the precious metals of your choice. It's also critical to consult your financial advisor or IRA consults to decide on your investment.

By following these steps, you can roll over your 401(k) into a precious metals IRA without incurring any penalties.

And this can provide you with more flexibility and control over your retirement savings and the potential for greater returns for your retirement account. Hence it's critical to work with the top gold investment companies, as they know how to guide you accordingly.

What are Gold IRA tax rules?

Gold IRA tax rules are essential to understand because they can impact how much you can contribute to your account and how that gold will be taxed when you withdraw it. Gold IRAs are subject to the same general tax rules as other retirement accounts, but there are a few key differences that you should know.

First, gold held in a gold IRA can not be taxed until it is withdrawn from the account. So this means that you can accrue significant tax-free growth on your gold investments over time.

Second, when you do withdraw gold from your IRA, it will be subject to ordinary income tax rates. However, if you have held the gold for more than five years, you may be eligible for long-term capital gains rates, typically lower than ordinary income tax rates.

Finally, you can liquidate the metals in your Gold IRA account for cash or take physical possession of them without penalty. There will be a 10% penalty if you withdraw before age 59 ½, but there are some situations you don't have to pay the 10% penalty for early withdrawal.

Gold IRA Pros and Cons?

A gold IRA is a great way to invest in physical gold or other IRS-approved precious metals held in custody for IRA account owners to safeguard their retirement savings. There are some pros and cons that come with it.


1) By law, gold must be stored in a segregated, non-commingled fashion, meaning that your gold can never be intermingled with the institution's own gold holdings or those of any other customer.

2) Gold IRAs can act as a hedge against inflation because as the cost of living goes up, the value of paper assets such as stocks and bonds decrease. It is because gold generally keeps its purchasing power during periods of inflation.

3) Gold is a universal currency that is accepted all over the world.

4) Tax advantages


1) Unlike paper assets such as stocks and bonds, gold does not pay dividends or interest.

2) Gold prices are relatively volatile, meaning they can fluctuate significantly daily or even hour to hour.

3) You may need to pay taxes on any gains you realize when you sell your gold.

4) There are storage costs associated with holding physical gold in an IRA.

When is the best time to invest in Gold?

Don't wait until it's too late! A few signs will help you know if now is the right time to invest in Gold. Typically, when the stock market tumbles and volatility increases (as we're experiencing currently), investors tend to purchase precious metals such as gold bars or coins before the market crashes.

Also, when you hear that the Reserve Bank is going to print more money or our government plans to decrease spending, this could mean there will soon be an increase in gold prices. Because as those things happen, people want to protect their wealth by investing in assets with lasting value like Gold!

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